Tony Steyger

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Tony continues to make programmes, innovate with technology and increasingly write. He is currently working on a book chapter on Real World Learning as well as a draft for a semi-autobiographical novel. He is developing new forms of audience interaction and is often the new projects draw inspiration from both past projects and personal experience.

Projects in Development



The Video Nation Archive project draws from a vast video collection charting the 1990’s. It represents a "YouTube before there was YouTube” (Bill Thompson, Archive Development, BBC).


Incredibly, the rushes for Video Nation were about to be destroyed as the BBC vacated Television Centre in 2012, but were rescued by Tony with the help of a pantechnicon and a forklift.


The content is catalogued and will provide a catalyst for research and new content and help create an understanding of the present through examining the past.


On the project, Tony is collaborating with the BBC, University of West of England and Mass Observation to create an accessible archive for this social and cultural history of the 1990’s.


Video Nation Archive



The Hearing Project

















In the early stages of development, this installation will bring together video, audio, sculpture and objects to create an immersive experience for the audience. Inspired by scientific advancement and the experiences of growing up with a deaf brother.