Tony Steyger

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Whose Disability? (1981, 20 mins) with Steve Hawley, Nic Gibson

The Science Mix (1982, 7 mins) with Steve Hawley

Second To None (1983, 52 minutes, C4)

The Compensation Games (1983, 52 minutes, C4)

Paralympics ’84 (1984, 45 minutes, C4)

No Faith in Us (1984, 52 minutes, C4)

Gold (1985, 45 minutes, C4)

Care in the Community (1985, 52 minutes, C4)

Separate Development (1986, 52 minutes, C4)

The Business Exchange (1986, multiple episodes, C4)

The Chemistry Set (1987, 11 mins) with Steve Hawley

The Kielder Challenge (1987, 29 minutes, BBC) with Jeremy Gibson

The Education Programme (1987, multiple episodes, BBC)

Greening The Classroom (1988, 29 minutes, BBC)

Video Diaries (1990, 52 minutes, multiple episodes, BBC) Emmy Award winner

Teenage Diaries (1992, 52 minutes, multiple episodes, BBC)

Three Minutes (1993, 3 minutes, multiple episodes, ITV)

Good Morning Diaries (1994, 5 minutes, multiple episodes, BBC)

Language Lessons (1994, 35 minutes, C4) with Steve Hawley

Trade Secrets (1995, 9 minutes, multiple episodes, C4)

Comic Relief Diaries (1995, 4 minutes, multiple episodes, BBC)

Michelle’s Story (1995, 38 minutes, BBC) RTS Award winner

Raw (1997, 29 minutes, BBC)

Brighton Beats (2001, 24 minutes, multiple episodes, ITV)

St Dunstans  (2002, 24 minutes, multiple episodes, ITV)

Artists in Residence x 2 (2003, 25 minutes, C5)

Making History (2006, 15 minutes, DVD)

Skillset Stories (2008, 10 minutes, web)

The Politics of Glastonbury (2009, 10 minutes, web)

New Year, New You (2013, 30 second commercial, ITV)

The Last Taboo (2014, 24 minutes, Community Channel, web) BUFVC Award winner

Stranger Than Known (2015, 10 minutes, installation) with Steve Hawley

The Sea Inside (2015, 3 minutes, web)

Play and Creativity (2016, 5 minutes, Winchester University)

Island Pride (2018, 9 minutes, BBC)

Love Beyond Borders (2019, 13 minutes, web) (password: Love Beyond Borders)






After directing the documentary series for Channel 4 including the influential Paralympics '84, I produced for the BBC’s Emmy-award winning series Video Diaries. Representing voices not usually heard on television has been a feature of much of my broadcast output.. Whilst at the BBC I conceived the Mass Observation-inspired series Video Nation, a camcorder anthropology of everyday life, which went on to win a European Prix Iris. This success was further extended by the ‘first person’ documentary Michelle’s Story for BBC1's 1995 Comic Relief season, winning an RTS award.


Once the internet arrived I headed up the BBC's first New Media department, creating interactive programming for their new digital channels and later supervised the live stream for the debut UK series of Big Brother in 2000. I continue to make documentaries as well as maintaining my collaboration with video artist Steve Hawley, which have included The Science Mix (1983, Stedelijk, MoMA, NY), Language Lessons (1995, Channel 4) and, more recently, South Home Town (2015, New York Independent Film Festival).